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Get worldwide reviews ON BESTCHANGE
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Мы предоставляем отзывы на популярных платформах как Google (Google Карты), 2ГИС, расширений Chrome, на Indeed, Zillow, Houzz, TripAdvisor, Glassdoor, Sitejabber, Yellow Pages, BBB, и многих других, которые не представлены в нашем магазине. Обычно мы подбираем комбо-пакет на 10-400 платформах отзывов под бизнес. Мы любим то что мы делаем для компаний и открыты для любых платформ отзывов, чтобы помочь вам улучшить рейтинг, привлечь больше клиентов и увеличить доход!

Мы предоставляем годовую гарантию на удаленные отзывы. Таким образом, вы получаете 2 отзыва по цене 1.

Отправьте нам запрос с указанием ссылки на бизнес-страницу на сервисе, где вы хотели бы улучшить рейтинг и получить отзывы.

В течение 48-72 часов мы сообщим вам о возможности выполнения заказа, варианты пакетов и стоимость.
According to the Harvard Business School's study, every one star of your company's rating leads to up to a 5-9% increase in revenue.
The power of online reviews as simple as that: 57% of consumers won't use a business that has fewer than 4 stars. While 11% of customers demand a perfect 5-star rating. More than this, 89% of customers go through companies' responds to reviews. Most people won't try new products or services without looking online for reviews.

Competition is very strong in the market, and your online business reputation matters a lot. Good reviews can be a valuable tool for driving conversions while the companies with bad reputation don't grow in the market. Negative reviews may destroy your reputation and cost you a ton of sales within a very short time frame and have tremendous consequences for your business. One negative review can cost you 22% of your potential customers. Get three negative reviews, and you'll lose 58% of those who read them which is understandable since many potential customers will not purchase from a business with bad customer feedback.

If this happened to you, not to worry, you still can recover your reputation with the high-quality reviews that will push down, outrank the negative feedback and mitigate the overall fallout from bad reviews. We're here to assist you with this!

Online reviews help support the company and give search engine visibility for two reasons - first, it shows your business operates intensively, and not only you have customers, people are talking about your business. You impress them so that they leave reviews about their experience they got from your service. Secondly, it indicates How people perceive your business. The more people discuss your brand, the better its visibility is to Google.

Your online reputation is critical to your business bottom line. A positive reputation and high star rating can boost your rankings, drive more visitors, build trust with your customers and give prospects a reason to pick your business out of the crowd.
97% of consumers read online reviews for businesses, and 85% report that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

the BrightLocal's Local Consumer Review Survey
BeBetter Shop is one of the best marketing tools for business owners and marketing managers that helps build and enhance online reputation. This is a very cheap self-serve advertising solution that pays off fast by giving companies long-lasting results, generating new leads, attracting more customers to your business, increasing sales and revenue. No need to pay for expensive paid-per-click advertising with a short-term effect.

Improve your Google review score by getting the high quality reviews from your locals. This is the guarantee of getting a positive rating for your establishment. Customer reviews are a ranking factor and businesses with more reviews get ranked higher, and with more positive reviews it helps you outperform your competitors.

We provide reviews on popular platforms like Google, 2GIS, Play Store, for Android Apps, Google Chrome Extensions, on Indeed, Zillow, Houzz, TripAdvisor, Glassdoor, Sitejabber, Yellow Pages, BBB. We really like it and are open to any other reviews' platform to help you attract more customers, boost your sales and increase your revenue!

If you want to ensure that your Business gets perfect first impressions from your future customers, this tool is right for you. Increase your rating and attract customers from the region of your business. Easy to use - order in one click.

You can provide your own text, we will post it without editing.

Each customer profile name will match to the country you choose and it will never be changed.

Fully anonymous service & friendly support team. We don't ask your password or any personal information about you. We recommend you to protect your account and never share your passwords with anyone. You can also pay with crypto.
We'll help you reach the highest rating and beat your competitors. Let's Grow Your Business!

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