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Service Guidelines: An Addendum to the Terms of Service

We proudly offer a premium service exclusively in the B2B format within the blockchain market.

It's important to note that we do not maintain separate price lists for different countries and regions (the USA, Russia, Uzbekistan, etc.). The term 'expensive' is subjective and varies based on individual perspectives regarding the completion of work, pricing, work quality, and current financial circumstances. We strongly advise against utilizing our service without a sufficient budget allocation within your company for such services.

For those opting to use their own texts, a 20% discount is available on any package (apply the MYTEXT promo code during order placement and send the reviews' texts to our support team in chat afterward). However, please be aware that in this case, no warranty is applied to the order, and the texts will not undergo correction by our team.

Additionally, we'd like to highlight key points from our Terms of Service:

We collaborate exclusively with company heads or representatives possessing technical understanding of review manipulation, distinguishing between low-quality cheating and high-quality reputation boosting. They should also comprehend the associated risks, care about budgetary constraints, and bear the responsibility for their actions.

We do not engage with individual clients and prioritize cooperation only with authorized representatives of companies.

We acknowledge that not every Marketing Manager may align with our recommendations. Still, we emphasize our focus on assisting business owners in effectively boosting their reputation with a clear strategy and algorithms, minimizing costs, and maximizing benefits for increased sales and sustained income.

Our service provides high-quality reputation boosting, considering anti-fraud algorithms, and working on the backend to safeguard your investment in the long run while reducing the risks of review deletion and business page blocking. We are not a copywriting agency or personal marketing managers for your company. When placing an order, it's essential to provide necessary data (keywords, key phrases, desired review mentions, percentage allocation per product, and category within the package) to our support team for order execution. Please avoid sending technical tasks; discuss all relevant information with our customer support representatives in live chat.

As an internationally based premium service located in California, we expect professionalism from representatives aged 21 and above, capable of maintaining B2B communication standards. Any inappropriate behavior outside the B2B format may result in a ban after the initial reminder to comply with our service policy rules. If banned with an active order, it stops without a refund. We reserve the right to refuse subsequent orders without providing reasons.

We encourage companies to respect each other and adhere to basic standards of business communications. Irrelevant remarks, obscene expressions, third-party reflections, and unrelated questions are best left outside our interactions. Our support service focuses on order execution and is not equipped to provide IT or psychological guidance. If opting to use our crypto marketing service independently, we assume technical literacy and familiarity with basic concepts.

Please remember that all interactions with our support service are subject to daily monitoring by BeBetter Shop company management, and relevant comments may influence further interactions.

What we undertake within any package:

Strategic Coordination:

We meticulously coordinate the strategy, emphasizing the functionality of the anti-fraud system on each specific platform. We prioritize your security, avoiding orders that pose risks such as bans, restrictions, or financial losses. Instead, we provide tailored recommendations for crafting an order that aligns with your business profile on each platform, accounting for anti-fraud factors.

Order Execution Process:

Upon receipt of your payment, the order is promptly queued for execution. We craft SEO-optimized review texts infused with relevant keywords for your product, all while considering the nuances of anti-fraud systems on each business review platform.

Approval Process:

Next, we submit the texts to you for approval. Swift confirmation or the provision of your corrected versions expedites the process, allowing the reviews to be queued for posting on the same day. In the absence of confirmation or adjustments within 48 hours, the order is queued for posting without explicit confirmation.

Adaptable Strategy:

Should the need arise to adjust the strategy mid-execution, we conduct an individual assessment and present optimal alternatives. If it becomes impractical to proceed with the order on the same platform within the terms of the paid package, we offer seamless transitions to alternative platforms. In the absence of your confirmation within 48 hours, the order is transitioned to posting without explicit approval.

10-30% of orders may require restoration during the execution phase within the initial 1–2 months. Our commitment to service quality includes a 6-month refill warranty, offering the assurance that, within this period, we will promptly repost reviews upon your request in the event of removal.

However, certain conditions apply to the warranty. It is rendered void if, within 30 days before placing an order, during its execution, or within 30 days after order completion, you engage a third-party fake reviews service or personally create reviews. Introducing third-party reviews compromises the technical integrity of our strategies, and we disclaim responsibility for the quality and consequences of such work.

The warranty is not applicable if you provide your own strategy for the order completion or deviate from the mutually agreed-upon package of strategies.

Furthermore, the warranty is nullified if you choose to use your own review texts.

If our system detects a third-party review (from another service, yourself, or your employees) within 30 days before placing an order, during its execution, or within a month after order completion, automatic withdrawal from the warranty occurs without explicit notification. We assume your awareness of your actions and understanding of the accepted service terms.

Reading and accepting the terms by using our service and placing an order is a prerequisite. Non-compliance with the terms, whether or not you've read them, does not exempt you from adhering to the service conditions during our collaboration.

In the event of a refusal to restore deleted reviews, accompanied by an explanation in line with the aforementioned terms, attempts to assert the authenticity of the reviews will lead to the immediate cessation of cooperation and communication, with no possibility of a refund.

It's crucial to acknowledge that the presence of a limited number of fake review services often leads to partnerships, shared management, employees, and customers.

Remember, using our service is a voluntary decision, and acceptance of the terms is a prerequisite. If you disagree with the terms, kindly refrain from using our service.

Keep in mind that you're engaging with a third-party service to fulfill your company's needs, and the manner in which you establish communication with us directly influences the outcome you receive. We share a mutual interest in assisting business owners and are dedicated to achieving positive results.

For those well-versed in the dynamics of the b2b sphere within the blockchain field, we gladly offer bonuses and provide optimal recommendations to outperform competitors. Simultaneously, we are equally pleased to maintain cooperation within the defined parameters of the selected package for those who may not possess the same level of understanding.

It's important to note that engaging in deceptive review practices is illegal. We offer a professional, high-quality service that prioritizes the safety and security of both parties involved. This can be leveraged as an advantage, or you may opt for an alternative service that aligns better with your specific requirements and expectations.

We extend our best wishes to all our partners, hoping for profitable outcomes and an increase in BTC within your wallets!

Terms of the Agreement:

This Addendum to the Terms of Service becomes effective each time you utilize this site. It ceases to be valid when a new version replaces it. The Administration retains the unilateral right to modify this supplement at its discretion.

In certain instances of agreement changes, the administration may provide notifications to users in a convenient form.

Last update: February 1, 2024