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How to delete bad reviews

Bad Reviews Google

Negative reviews can be very damaging to your company's reputation. And sometimes they may not reflect reality because they may have been bought by competitors or written by an offended customer. Every business owner at some point is triying to find the way on How to delete bad reviews on Google, or How to delete negative feedback,

There are not many options for removing reviews. In fact, there are only three:

  1. Negotiate with the author of the comment.
  2. Request to remove the review.
  3. File a lawsuit in court.

It's best to start with the first option.

Communication with the author

In most cases it is possible to negotiate with the author of the review, if this review was really true and at least a little bit fair. Sometimes you can easily find his contacts in the client record system, identify the client's data on some nuances from the review, or simply contact the author through a reply comment.

How to delete bad reviews on Google?

To delete a review, you need to respond to the review and mark it as "unacceptable". For example, you can do this: "Greetings dear Alberto Felliny. Judging by your reaction you are dissatisfied with the quality of service, but judging by our customer database, you do not appear in it. Therefore your review is inappropriate and false. Immediately thereafter it should be marked as "unacceptable."

Immediately thereafter, you should tell Google why the staff should remove the review. It is important to understand that it may take several days or even a month to review the request. During this time, the review can significantly harm the company's online sales.

You can also try to contact Google representatives directly, but as practice shows, in 90% of cases they refuse even for the apparent reason. But if you can definitely prove your case, then there is a chance. It has to be:

  • fake accounts;
  • outright spam;
  • the work of bots or botfarms;
  • abusive or profane language;
  • incitement of ethnic hatred;
  • less frequently, unfair competition.

If you can't come to an agreement on your own, and Google's management is also reluctant to contact you, all that remains is to gather as many positive reviews as possible so that the negative ones disappear against their backdrop.

How to remove negative reviews?

Owners of verified business pages can use the "Find a Reviewer" service to contact the author and try to persuade him to remove the review, for example in exchange for some other service.

The "Find a Reviewer" feature prompts the author of the post for more information about him or her:

- e-mail;
- order number;
- phone number;
- first name and last name.

The author of the post will receive a standard message with a form in which he or she can enter the necessary information, but he or she does so only of his or her own free will and can refuse. The information is not displayed in the public domain. As soon as the data is received, you can contact the author of the post in the system or directly and try to resolve the conflict.

Attention! Once the author of the post is sent a request for more information, he or she has only three days to respond. If no response is received during this period, you will have to move on to working with negative reviews.

File a lawsuit in court.

If the number of positive reviews from other clients is not enough to raise the reputational rating of the company, then the only thing left is to contact special companies that have their own legal departments and can help remove negative reviews from the Internet in a legal way.

They will help to draw up the necessary protocol, with which they will appeal to the arbitration court with a claim to recognize the specified information on the Internet, not corresponding to reality. If the arbitration court satisfies the claim, then tech support will be forced to remove it.

It should be noted that in most cases this procedure is very expensive and time-consuming, but it will help protect the company's reputation.
So, we conclude that it is very difficult, time-consuming, and sometimes expensive to remove negative reviews by yourself.